Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is petrichor. Lady Luna is in your 4th house of grounding, so you’re being called to reconnect to the earth. Walking barefoot and smelling the flowers heals your soul.

Dylan’s advice: Whoa! That word is so cool, and new to me! It means the smell of fresh rain on soil, which the thought of already soothes me. If you’re a green thumb or a hiking head, the impetus to follow your heart there should be obvious—and rewarding! But if you’re more of an indoor kid, this new moon wants you to find that earthy groundedness through your roots—familial or friendship-wise or with anything that makes you feel at home. That might mean a movie night with siblings, or a sleepover at your best friend/second family’s place, or making a point to schedule an all-hands-on-deck family dinner. Do what you like to do in order to feel connected to something broader than your individuality. The earth, your family—all of those things mean roots, so feel comforted by the thought of fertilizing that soil, you know what I mean?