Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is enthrall. Lady Luna is in your 5th house of passion, so you’re being called to do something that captivates your imagination completely.

Dylan’s advice: You are all signed up for pretty much the most fun new moon ever. It’s crush confession season, and creative concepting hour, and cool fun party time, all at once! Yeah! Whatever it is, you’re bound to be infatuated by something right now, so chase it like a dog running after a squirrel, all floppy tongue and hyper and carefree. The Leo new moon brings a certain dramatic flair to your expressions right now, which only electrifies the sparks coming off of your passions right now. Don’t hold back. Like Tim Riggins once (actually more than once, like, pretty much every episode) said in Friday Night Lights, “let’s go make some memories.” This new moon is very extra for you, so just run with it and you’ll be having the most fun.