Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is tender. Lady Luna is in your 6th house of healing, so you’re being called to pay attention to raw emotions and sore points. Give yourself lots of self-love now.

Dylan’s advice: While there’s a lot of particular urgent energy at this eclipse, your impulse to take action now should be focused towards yourself. Healing and restoration aren’t passive things that happen to us. In their own way, they’re projects, too. What burns you out in your daily life? What can you change that will help your energy levels? You can’t go forward if you’re busy running in the same little circles around the same thoughts or habits that don’t work for you in the long game of living the good life. Start a new strategy around your physical self, your schedule, or anything hyper-practical that you can take charge of and see an immediate change and relief. Leo helps us take a moment to remember that there is no shame or need to be apologetic for focusing on ourselves every once in awhile. It could be as tiny of a shift as stretching before bed each night, or as major as quitting an extracurricular to restore some sanity to your schedule. ♦