Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is open. Lady Luna is in your 7th house of relationships, so you’re being called to be vulnerable enough for loved ones, both new and old, to get close.

Dylan’s advice: Aquarius can get stereotyped as a bit…emotionally detached. Hard to reach. Too cool to touch. Let the influence of Leo make you fearless about being radiant and heartfelt. Like Amelia mentioned in the overview, this eclipse graces the north node, making this eventful new moon a “destiny point” that influences our future in a more expansive and deep way than a typical new moon. What can you do to turn the page and open yourself up in relationships more? At the moment of the eclipse, reach out to your trusted ones and open up a bit, with a “love you!” text or some kind of refreshing confession. Experiment with expressing your emotions in your relationships more. Imagine the astronomical solar eclipse event (which those of us in the path of totality will actually get to see!) as a visual metaphor for this astrological new moon eclipse: when the sun gets uncovered by the moon, take it as a cue to uncover your own under-wraps emotions so that you can shine.