Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is covert. Lady Luna is in your 8th house of secrets, so you’re being called to celebrate the victories that not everyone can see. The work you do behind the scenes pays off!

Dylan’s advice: Secret victories are some of the sweetest ones. What have you triumphed over lately? Impulsive bouts of pettiness? Overreacting to stress? Any particular insecurities? Those are the Ws that really change your life, even if they’re so private that the only observer to the shift is you. With the new moon in your 8th house of transformation and under-wraps stuff, have a mystical ritual where you get to reward yourself for all your progress while signaling to the stars that you’re ready for more life and all of its good stuff. Get a Tarot reading, by a friend or a psychic or by yourself with a book as a guide. A past-present-future spread could provide some potent information, because it acknowledges your past while giving insights into where you’re going. Do it in that odd, shadowy hour of the eclipse for extra magic.