Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is refresh. Lady Luna is in your 9th house of growth, so you’re being called to start a new personal chapter. Study something you love, put your ideas out into the world, and most of all, believe in yourself.

Dylan’s advice: You, Sagittarius, rule the 9th house of exploration, expansion, and education, so you’ll feel psychically right at home this new moon eclipse. Do you feel a pull back towards any world-opening pursuit of yours that makes you feel especially like yourself? Follow that tingling feeling! Mercury retrograde could have you gazing back to past obsessions, while this new moon is tightly focused on creating new opportunities. Revisit some dream travel or education plans, start a podcast or a video project you storyboarded, or simply go on an spontaneous adventure if you’ve been feeling cooped up. The thing that makes you feel both free and secure in yourself is what the eclipse wants to sprinkle with magic.