I went camping twice in the last two weekends. First with my friend Lillian and her family, then with my family. Both times were fun for different reasons, but mainly I was comforted by being surrounded by nature. I live in a big city, and most of my outside experiences are polluted by cars and smokers and noise. The stars aren’t bright and everyone’s focused on something else. So I appreciate the times I have where I don’t have to think about staying in the loop. There’s an episode of Broad City where Abbi and Ilana are so into their computers and phones that they lose track of the amount of time they waste on them. Following that, they suddenly had an urge to unplug themselves from the matrix, while I feel a need to disconnect all the time. I often worry that spending so much time on the phone will affect my personality, that I’ll become withdrawn from people. So chances to get away to secluded areas like Calaveras felt so necessary and natural for me. I know that I have always been drawn to a life that integrates with the planet. Self-sustainability will always be a goal of mine. It’s scary to think that there will be a time where global warming and other environmental issues get too bad, but I hope I’m not alive for that. I hope I can do my part in taking care of the earth because it’s never made sense to me that people don’t recognize what an extraordinary force nature is. It doesn’t make sense to NOT respect the land that provides for you. Ever since I was young I had a strong fascination with life and death and now nature embraces both into coexistence. It hurts me that people in power don’t care enough about that. Maybe it’s an earth moon thing. All I can do is make it a higher priority to retreat.