Today I sat on my favorite table  
I tried an essay but I wasn’t able
In my favorite chair, that feels just right 
Good grades receding further in my sight 

My friends came over, we laughed and smiled
On the desk our papers were piled 
We discussed the universe, forgot our woes and our work 
Honor winked, Sophia sighed, I smirked

Some boys came over, filled up the seats
We left to buy ourselves some well-earned treats
Neglecting our work, stress apparent in our faces  
Coffee extra strong, back and forth to the bathroom like races 

At one point it was just me and the boys 
Quiet solidarity, making no noise
When they decided to go out for a while
I minded their books when they asked, cos I liked their style

They came back laughing, I politely nodded
Went back to my work, along I prodded
Honor asked me some silly question
I laughed and we shared a knowing expression 

The boys had to go, I felt them depart
When one of them poked me, gave me a start
With a cheeky grin he pulled out a bag
Inside was a bit of a gag

A friendship muffin! He announced with glee
It was blueberry, and it was for me 
A display of kindness for a simple act
Perfectly lovely, matter of fact 

It’s funny how quick a stranger can become 
A foe a friend a chum
Something so small and swift
Can cause a seismic shift
Idioms, phrases, words mean so much 
Actions can have the Midas touch 
In this case, baked goods were the start
Everyone knows they’re the way to my heart

Thanks kind stranger, for making my day
There was so much I wanted to say
Thanks! Good bye! All the best!
Gone in a flash, You made me feel blessed.

By Millie C., 18, Melbourne, Australia