Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is inheritance. Lady Luna is in your tenth house of reputation, so you’re being called to piece together the ways in which your ancestral, family, and local heritages play out in your current life. Let the bad stuff go, but embrace the good with open arms.

Dylan’s advice: Leo wants to be seen as one-of-a-kind. She wants to glitter bomb the world in a way that is sparkly and fun but also you can’t get her out of your mind/heart/carpet. So with this Leo new moon, you’ll be feeling that lime-lit urge to flaunt your originality and polish your public face. There sometimes can be conflict about who we are in terms of where we come from, and how we see ourselves. Those two sides might feel like they belong to two totally different people! Your roots might have you feeling confused, confined, or have some hurt attached to them—or, you could be super proud of your lineage and it’s a crucial part of how you see and love yourself. You could even be in some awk place in-between. In any case, there’s always something about our roots that contribute to the best parts of ourselves today. Ask yourself what that may be, and when people are doing introductory ice breakers at camp or colleges are asking you to fill out questionnaires for your new roommates, you can say with self-awareness and pride that where you come from has something to do with who you are becoming.