libra1.jpg copyAmelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is honor. Lady Luna is in your eleventh house of friends, so you’re being called to uphold any obligations or promises you’ve made to the people you care about and groups to which you belong—or vice versa.

Dylan’s advice: Libra, this summer is now designated as the No Flake Zone. Your friends want to see you! Boost your reputation as an all-star buddy by coming through both in the clutch and for fun. Did a friend ask to help them pack for a move, assist with summer chores, or do a volunteer project? Don’t bail, dude—just make it as fun as possible in the mean time. Bring your favorite snacks and cool drinks and a portable Bluetooth speaker. Is your vision of a chore lately getting ready to go out to a party or meet up with friends in the middle of a sweltering day? Try to meet ‘em halfway so you can’t find any excuse to slip out of your plans. Let them choose the time if you can choose the place, or whatever makes it equally rewarding of a hang. No excuses, only good friendship vibes, Libra, and good friendships are things you cherish so much, that should be easy to cultivate!