Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is oasis. Lady Luna is in your twelfth house of rest , so you’re being called to find a lush, quiet spot where you can regenerate before the big solar eclipse next month. What loose ends do you need to tie up before then?

Dylan’s advice: Your year is coming to a close, and the eclipses usually bring a lot of—how shall we say—crazy stuff to the surface. Recharging is essential as preparation. Plus, it’s summer! Relax, why don’t you! Do you have a solitary spot to bake in the sun or chill in the shade? Find your zone, be it a secret beach, a spot in the backyard, or your favorite bench in the park. Bring books and headphones or whatever accruements make you feel like you’re getting your quality Me Time in. You’ll be feeling extra connected, so don’t be surprised if that one song gets ya even harder than usual, or a passage you read speaks to your soul or whatever. That’s that good stuff. Water some plants, maybe they have some soothing messages for you.