Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is beauty. Lady Luna is in your first house of appearances, so you’re being called to upgrade yourself both inside and out. Cut any negative self-talk loose and remember that you’re worthy of feeling pretty. You are beautiful.

Dylan’s advice: New moons in a birthday season are always a special thing. If your birth date is a time for party and celebration, the new moon is a peak moment to do the reflection part of turning the page on another year. So, by all means, let it rip, streamers and balloons and drinks with polka dot straws and all, on your big day—and a happy one to you! But equally important is setting aside some alone time to think about who you’re gonna be this year, in your new age. The new moon is this time! It’s the literal dawn of a new age of you. What parts are you bringing with or leaving in the dust? Reflect, write it down, ritualize it, or whatever process you have to do your Deep Thinking.