Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is profit. Lady Luna is in your second house of money, so you’re being called to decide what parts of your life are really paying off and which are taking losses. Say goodbye to anything that’s not helping your bank account (or your self-esteem) grow and start fresh!

Dylan’s advice: Cancers have a shy reputation, and the topic of money and time and worth is enough to make most people curl up in awkwardness. It’s time to stick up for yourself in matters of expenditure and what you let yourself give—because let’s face it, you’re a lil’ sweet giving soul, and it’s sometimes harder to say no than anything else. Let’s say you have a boss who always asks you to work extra hours to cover a slacker coworker’s shifts who keep “calling” “out” “sick” when you saw their IG story and they definitely were on a canoe with friends 8 hours ago—ugh! If you’re at the point where you need more time for yourself, don’t buckle and say yes just because you were asked once, put your foot down and decline politely. But maybe your new moon revelation is that you need to make more cash and work a bit harder—then take the hours you need, baby! You’ll know what you need. Just get the courage to take it.