aquarius1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is confidant. Lady Luna is in your seventh house of collaboration, so you’re being called to open up to the people who you most want to work or align yourself with over the coming months. Your candid approach disarms them.

Dylan’s advice: The Leo new moon wants you to be brave. Brave enough to ask for support, for collaboration, for camaraderie. Whatever way you want to shine, you’ll be much brighter with good people around you. If you want to sing, look for musicians to start a band with you. If you want to be president of your school next year, start to cultivate peer support and get people signed on to poster and campaign for you. If you want to put out your zine or put out a short film you’ve been working on, kindly ask your friends to help you distribute it and repost. Be that homie to a friend, too, and help them in their glow-growing activities.