1449095980capricorn1-140x141Amelia’s horoscope:Your keyword for the new moon is metamorphosis. Lady Luna is in your eighth house of changes, so you’re being called to relax and flow with the sudden influx of new vibes Things might look a lot different once the next few weeks have past, but you’re proud of what’s different.

Dylan’s advice: Control might be your comfort zone, but let the Leo new moon show you the sheer satisfaction of being able to chill on it instead. Sitting around waiting for answers makes anyone, but especially a Cap, uncomfortable—whether its word on a job, acceptance into a school, a text back from a crush, or a scholarship letter in the mail. It might feel dramatic—hello Leo season energy! But those in-between times let us prepare and metastasize all the stuff coming at us and deal with it on a deeper level, like reflecting on how that acceptance or rejection would change our life paths. Pay attention to how your psyche and in your feelings are transforming in the midst of developing external changes happening around you. Record your observations for future you to encounter.