sagittarius1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is persuasion. Lady Luna is in your ninth house of faith, so you’re being called to convince yourself that you’ve worth believing in, especially when it comes to ninth house activities like writing and publishing or learning about and participating in new cultures.

Dylan’s advice: All of your fascinations and learning obsessions should get vindicated by this Leo new moon. Often, what interests us on the deepest, most nagging levels can become bigger themes in our life that are worth paying attention to. Take an adventure into some of your deepest interests this new moon—especially if they have a flair for the dramatic. Hungry for making contact with spirits and your intuition? Break out the Tarot deck or Ouija board, have some friends over and light some candles. Into dramatic old church vibes? Research gothic architecture or tour a local cathedral. Obsessed with travel? Start planning for, or even just dreaming about, your ideal exotic trip. Addicted to writing fan fiction? Straight up spend all night until the sun comes up making the coolest zine that will let you get all of your intense feelings out into making something.