Since graduating, my perspective on reality has changed. I’m in a transitional phase before I start my certification program for esthiology in October, and that decision was a little hard to come to at first when it felt like I was picking out my entire life plan. I’ve talked about that pressure when I was in school, but now that I’m out and that pressure is looking me dead in the eyes I have to deal with it. And so I dealt with it, I passed my entry test literally with flying colors, albeit it was an extremely simple test, but FLYING COLORS man! I’m so lucky to be able to go to the Cinta Aveda Institute since they’re well known for their environmental consciousness, it’s important for me to be involved with a GOOD company that really values the world and the people in it.

I’ve also started French lessons with a really kind teacher from my high school that offered to tutor me after I dropped out of AP French (anxiety). I’m shocked at the amount of French I can still understand. Ultimately, I’m trying to get the most out of this so that at the end of my esthiology program (which takes a little under six months) I can jet away to France and work in a fancy Parisian spa and have clients paying me thousands of Euros to get a facial by my hands specifically. Right now, college is on hold which worries me a little. I still want to go, I can use my esthetician money to pay my way through, but I know that I have my entire life to learn. I also have to get there before anything can happen, so right now I’m just focusing on my French. And then I’ll focus on esthiology. And then I don’t know what’ll happen but it doesn’t bother me. I have a tendency to overwhelm myself with plans and I have to keep my cool and take it a step at a time. ♦