A Child’s Smile

My mother is a kindergarten teacher in a small town. She has worked there for about twenty years now. Most of the days, she comes home being exhausted, telling me how running after these little kids can take up all her energies. But there’s one reason why she would never quit her job…

The children who go to the kindergarten are mostly coming from poor families. They have never seen food like what they get for lunch, they never learnt how to wash their hands properly or how they shouldn’t use their dirty t-shirt instead of tissue paper.

Today was graduation day and I was there too. Those tiny people were so excited. They put on their nicest clothes, me and my mom brushed their hair, braided it or just put it in a ponytail so they would be pretty on the special day.
After it all went down, the kids walked into a room where my mom’s colleague, who’s such a generous lady, bought all of the graduating kids a bar of expensive chocolate.
Those children have never eaten or even seen that kind of chocolate before, maybe once, but they knew it was something special and very good.

Seeing the happiness in their eyes, those wide smiles, their surprised expression and the honesty in their voices when they said “thank you” for the hundredth time was definitely priceless. I became filled with joy myself, and I couldn’t remove the smile from my face. At that moment, I realized why my mother loves her job.
Acts of genuine kindness are what we need more of nowadays. They make our hearts melt and happiness fill up our bodies.

I will remember those tiny faces forever.

By Csenge O., 15, Hungary