Sun Days

Pale yellow and blue skies
as the warm orb rises.
Sun beams sneak through the shades of my window;
Gently rousing me from a calm summer sleep

Positioned at it’s highest post,
I stretch out to bask in it’s warmth.
My skin begins to toast
My hair lightens at the tips

From the shade of a tree,
I watch as the plants drink you in.
White daisies, yellow and gold tulips
Gather what they need to bloom;
I realize I depend on you too.

Pink, purple clouds surround you
as you begin your departure from
Our little part of Earth.
Such a sight to see,
I try to capture the memory.

It’s dark now, and your gone,
But no need to be somber. The hours of light may be over,
But tonight won’t last long, and I’ll see you tomorrow,
and each day after that. to watch you all over again.

By Zoe Rios