Sky Fever

Lately, I have felt the call of the sky
It stirs my blood
It reaches inside my chest
And runs its fingers through my ribcage.

I will forget what lies beneath the stars
Where the wind stings like a whetted knife
And the sea rages against the coastline
While my feet stay trapped in the sand.

I will go up into that wild blue
And see the signs of space on my skin
My feet will fly against falling stars
And my fingers will graze supernovas.

I will devour the sky
Place constellations on my tongue
Until the stars scatter like a string of pearls
come undone.

They run, and I follow.

Maybe I will land on Mars
Underneath a fire-red sky
Standing at the top of Olympus Mons
While ash crumbles like dust under my toes.

Maybe I will land on Venus
In the lap of the morning star
Breathing in hot blue air
While the sun burns hot across my face.

But now I will heed only that untamed call
Of the moon and the sun and the stars
That will not be denied, cannot be defied
That drags me up
into an endless sea
of vast eternity.

By Jessica Gang