Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is routine. Lady Luna is in your first house of self, so you’re being called to get back to basics when it comes to your look and the way you tackle life.

Dylan’s advice:A new moon in your first house, in your birthday season, is a special thing, Cancer fam! It’s the day of the year where you initiate a new phase of the year, and you get to turn the page and write whatever you want on it. What didn’t work for you last year that you wanna flush down the toilet of time—your insecurity? Jealousy? Fear? There’s no need for stuff like that. Let’s find the antidotes for what you want to collect this year—maybe it’s adventure, accomplishment, or bonding. Your new moon birthday craft project is to make a tall prayer candle (blank ones are often found at 99 cent stores) and decorate it up with everything, whether its words, symbols, or pictures, that you want to discover and bring in your life. At every new and full moon this year, light it up and check in with your work on bringing these sweet deals into your sphere. Glitter glue is not required, but strongly encouraged.