Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is declare. Lady Luna is in your third house of communication, so you’re being called to speak, write, and otherwise express how you feel.

Dylan’s advice: How do you express your feelings? That’s what this new moon is asking you to evaluate. More pointedly—are you communicating what you need to, in a way that is clear and healthy and helpful, versus dumpy and lumpy? Here are some suggestions for ways of speaking your feelings that aren’t so Extra that they scare your people off. Start a note in whatever form you take them where you start to categorize what feelings you communicate as unfiltered spew or healthy sharing. Sometimes, especially with the people we’re really the closest to, we can get in the habit of leaking all our unresolved stuff all over the place. Cancer’s a sensitive sign that wants to teach you how to be more in touch with you feelings, but also not be overbearing on people who love you. Begin to pause and take note of the differences between your emotional excess (complaints, whines, frustrations) and your emotional reality (fears, pains, joys) to be more able to decode your own impulses.