1446559388pisces1-140x133Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is evoke. Lady Luna is in your fifth house of creativity, so you’re being called use your work to inspire a certain mood or vibe. Yes, you can feel how you want to feel.

Dylan’s advice: You’re gonna find all the grounding and good feelings this new moon through straight up enjoyment. Take your camera with you on a weekend camping trip, or bring a journal with you when you go to the beach with your friends. Go out and play, then bring that energy back into your art or photos or writing or whatever you do to get creative. If you can find yourself near some water near this new moon, all the better. If you’re on a family vacation, or just lounging around the house on summer break, carve out some space to do some creative work while still feeling like you’re playing, not working. Listen to your favorite music, maybe the new Lorde or SZA, to imbue your creative pursuits with MOOD! ♦