aquarius1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is renew. Lady Luna is in your sixth house of healing, so you’re being called to start over in a big way. You’ve been feeling it for a while, but this is when you make it happen.

Dylan’s advice: Hit your hard-restart button. This new moon for you is so much about finding the tools to tap into your emotional self in a way that makes your daily life more inhabitable, like a greenhouse where you’re misted and refreshed and growing and thriving! If you kicked off summer break by recovering from burnout, now’s the time to refresh and structure a daily plan for yourself [/2013/06/how-to-have-a-cool-cool-summer/]. If you’ve been repressing some emotional stuff that would benefit from some healing help, Cancer energy will definitely bring those waters to the surface, so talk to someone you love about what you may need. If you’ve just been feeling disconnected from your body, take the weekend to recenter, by going to the beach and feeling waves and sand on your skin, or eating very mindfully by cooking all your meals for yourself, or editing your morning routine before you get up for your summer job so you’re not running out the door all scrambled, but taking a moment for tea and quiet before you start your day. You can’t escape your daily life, and this Cancer new moon is wanting you to refresh it to your liking.