Illustrations by Esme Blegvad.

Happy new moon!

This new moon is in heartfelt Cancer. More than anything, Cancer is about support. This zodiac sign rules the place where you live, the people you consider to be part of your family unit, and your deepest emotional self. These are the things that form the foundation of your life. Think of it like your gravity. You might not realize how important those things are to your daily activities until they start to shift. A tough square to the new moon from Chiron in Pisces could bring some serious feels to the surface, but your favorite people, places, and things will be on hand to get you through it.

Under the Cancer new moon, you have the opportunity to shore up the structures of your life so that you can build a new, stronger you. How does one go about strengthening those life structures, exactly? With hyper-connected Mercury in close quarters with the new moon, start with your friends. Everyone will be feeling the Cancer season urge to bond, so drop your guard a little and ask them if they have any advice for you. Pastimes that feel like old friends can help too! Whether it’s writing, playing music, or just taking a walk, listen to the thoughts that come into your mind and see if they have any wisdom to offer.

Another option? This Cancer new moon will be extra witchy, because it’s right on top of asteroid Hekate, named for the ancient Greek goddess of sorcery. Together with the summer solstice, the Cancer new moon is full of magic. Host a ritual with your friends, cast a spell under a sunlit window, or throw a coin in a fountain. Make a wish, believe that anything can happen, and go get your dreams!

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