Abstract art on your ears!

New York summers are no joke. To stand the heat, I keep my hair pulled back and off my shoulders. This slicked back style gives me the opportunity to make way for bold earrings. As always, art serves to inspire my DIYs. Henri Matisse and Hussein Chalayan’s art sketches are the inspiration for this DIY. Simple figure sketches and continuous-line drawings are great for transferring into wire form. Wire makes it easy to create abstract form and a neutral color makes it easy to pair with everything!

Here’s what you’ll need

How to do it:

Step One

Slide a piece of wire through the hole of the earring hook, and start bending! Bend to your heart’s content and keep in mind that you’ll have to close the shape that you make, and you may have to wrap to create buffers to prevent the earring hook from sliding around freely.

Step Two

Fold the wire carefully, you can use pliers to bend and shape your art more precisely! You can use a stencil or select an image from the internet and begin bending a continuous line! I chose an abstract face similar to Matisse’s sketches and used freehand twisting and bending methods!

Step Three

When you want to close up your shape and create buffers to prevent sliding, begin to wrap around your wire at least twice! Once you’ve finished completely, wrap around your wire at least twice for a final buffer point. This will lock in your shape and also prevent the hook from falling off.

Done and done! You have your own mini-sculpture hanging from your ears! ♦