My heart,
Lies between my hips
I carry two peppermint teas in my hands
And a kettle on my side, like a shelf
Ever since the blood came,
Each night I touched the window with longing
To howl with the wolves in the streets,
They have encroached upon the suburbs like a war,
I am old now.
Am I?
Does Demeter whisper to me from the mirror?
My mother, inspiration
Teach my to grow flowers from my hips
To make the universe my child, who I swing into the air
If I am a woman when I carry things on my hip
Then let me be gentle, and kind
And fierce and loyal
With the Valour of a warrior
To love and covet, but not subordinate my kind
Let us sing together, in a dissonant charm
Swim together in the sunflower lake
And save the croaking frogs from the drains
To shower in the rain, and in the grimy green stalls
Together, in the water, in the lightning
In the army
Me and my blood brethren forever

By Cameron