Collage by Beth Hoeckel.

Bedside Caddy
With graduation quickly approaching and college around the corner, it’s (already) time to prepare for dorm move-in day. Don’t wait until the last minute to pack for your first semester away like I did! It’ll bring nothing but headaches. The hardest part of living in a dorm room with another person is limited space. Space-saving caddies have saved my life, as I have a tendency to overpack. I recommend this bedside caddy that attaches to your mattress and holds all your little knickknacks and stationery items. I personally use it for the five books I’m rotating through at any point in time. ($15, Fancii) —Tayler Montague

Crochet Cacti and Succulents
For some, a true sign of “adulthood” means moving out of a childhood home and being able to control your new, personal living space. When it came to decorating my tiny dorm room—and subsequently, my first apartment—the one thing I indulged in was plant life, which I found to be a very tasteful and adult decorative choice. But as it turned out, I didn’t have a green thumb. That’s why I’m all about these adorable, miniature crochet cactus plants that adorn my dresser, desk space, bathroom, or wherever I think could use a dash of joyous greenery. They’re super easy to take care of (you don’t have to do anything) and these will never die (because real cacti can and will die!!!). Perhaps these little guys can find a home in your living quarters, too. ($10, Etsy) —Jinnie Lee

Kawaii Cat Earrings
For the graduating lover of all things cute, this set of adorable polymer clay cat earrings is a real winner. What can I say? They’re SO ADORABLE! The store they’re from has an array of sweet accessories based on classic animated characters and animals. There’s something for almost everyone, whether that person has an affinity for Studio Ghibli or penguins. As someone impartial to cats, these earrings are a personal favorite. ($7.50, Etsy) —Victoria Chiu ♦