It’s a sign.

If I had a high school presidential platform, it would rest on the notion that, in 2017, term papers should be accepted digitally. My campaign would effectively conserve paper, staples, and sweat from frantic trips to the library printing-center.

Moving toward the end of the school year, and moving into green consciousness, I decided to make this DIY phrase banner with scrap paper. This simple and customizable DIY can be executed on the back of any and all of your finished term papers, old homework, or just sheets that didn’t make it through the printer correctly. You’ve just got to want it! Let’s make it happen.

What you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Sheer tape of any kind
  • Fishing line or another type of string
  • A ruler or anything with a straight edge—your favorite book will work.
  • Paper, of course! My banner took two sheets of chewed-up printer paper.

How to do it:

Step One

Line your paper up with a straight edge so you can carefully draw your letters. I drew my letters flipped backwards so that I could outline in pen; once I cut them out, I flipped them over to the clean sides. You can always draw your letters the normal way, though, if that’s easier!

Step Two

So there’s room to run string through the letters, add some extra space. Freehand draw an extra inch of hanging allowance above each letter, so that it can be folded and a string can be tunneled through.

This is what you should have so far:

Step Three

Flip your letters to the “back” sides, so you can fold your hanging allowance. Press your allowance down gently, as to not affect the letters. (They are sensitive!) Make sure you have enough space to run string through each letter.

Step Four

Cut small strips of tape so you can tape down just the “raw edge” (bottom part) of your folded-over hanging allowance. Again, make sure to leave a hole through the center of the folded section so that you can run your string through! How else will your decoration function? Do this to each of your letters, it’s super calming

Step Five

Line up your word or phrase in order so you can visualize your completed project and not make any IRL typos. Then, run string through your letters, making sure they’re facing the correct way. Now all your gorgeous thoughts are hanging by a thread!

Tie your banner across whatever area of your room needs the energy of your phrase. I put my “Future” banner where I can see it every day when I wake up because I need it! ♦