Illustrations by Esme Blegvad.

Happy new moon! The new moon on May 25 is in Gemini, the sign of self-expression. In particular, Gemini loves words. Writers, speakers, and artists all embody this sign’s flare for communication. What do they have in common? They recognize the power of being intentional with what you say.

In the “fake news” era, we know more than ever that words have power, both to create whole worlds as well as to damage them. This is new moon is an amazing opportunity to remind yourself of the responsibility you take on when you speak. Think of it like learning a new language. It’s going to be a challenge, but an exciting one. When you talk to others, either in person, online, or in your art, are you saying what you mean? If the answer is “not so much,” update your habits accordingly. Know that it’s safe to be yourself without the filters.

Bear in mind that the new moon will be synced up to Jupiter in Libra, the planet of growth. Under this aspect, you and the people you know can take things too far. Luckily, this aspect also boosts your faith in yourself and what you believe in, so use that confidence to your advantage. On the other hand, hyper-sensitive Neptune in Pisces will square off with this new moon, so it could be tough to nail down exactly what you’re feeling. Your daydreams could have clues about what you really want out of this situation, so a little healthy fantasy could be useful. Just make sure you write it all down!

Gemini has a mischievous side that’s enhanced by both of these aspects. The sign’s patron, Mercury, was regarded as a “trickster,” which is why Mercury retrograde can be so weird. This new moon won’t be quite that intense, but do expect the unexpected. As long as you’re mindful about what you say, you’ll ace it!

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