Fish are usually a kid’s first pet because they’re easy to care for and feed. They hang out in their bowl and children can watch them swim around whenever they remember that they’re there.

I acquired my fish in a very unconventional way. A friend of mine walked into our first period class with a small cup with the words “silk tail betta” printed across the lid and just that inside.

There was a small commotion because of our aquatic guest, but it died down soon. My friend brought the fish to class and thought it would be a nice surprise for another friend who’d said she wanted a fish. (This isn’t really odd by my school’s standards; a little earlier, I’d seen a couple boys walking giant tumbleweeds across campus.) You could say that this small fish was a small fish in the giant pond that is my school. See what I did there? Because she’s a fish.. OK, where was I?

The fish officially became mine after second period. I walked out of my class and the aforementioned friend explained to me that her friend wasn’t able to care for the fish, so I could have it if I wanted. I had a wide range of fish and reptiles growing up because my dad passed down his love of them to me, and I decided to take her so nothing bad happened. The last time it rained, some guys brought fish to school and put them in puddles and let them die. It made me beyond angry. Plus, if I showed up with the fish without asking, my dad couldn’t say no could he?

I named the fish Andy and she just kinda hung out with me for the school day. People asked me why I cared so much and thought I was weird when I said she means just as much to me as a cat or dog would. I eventually got a DM from a friend telling me that they support me being a single fish mother. During the last period of the day, I sent her home with my friend who already has a tank where she could stay for a few days while I got her tank at my house set up.

I missed that strawberry colored betta so much during the two days she was away. When I got to bring her home to her poppin’ new tank I was excited to just watch her get used to it.

Andy and I are both moody Tauruses, but my friend said that’s just me projecting my feelings. As if! I know we have a special connection. I couldn’t ask for a better pet. ♦