Hidden Luna

That time in the year,
When the seasons shift,
And the weather gets warmer,
And the days become longer,
Is a time that never grows dull.

Tonight is the first warm night of the year.
I stand outside, and listen to the wind’s sweet whispers.
I look up at the sky at dusk,
And I lay my eyes upon a watercolor painting of blues and greens,
Flowing and intertwining with one another.
I gaze at the stars,
While the whimsical twirls of cirrus clouds dance around the twinkling starlight.
It is a moment in which I forget I am alone,
Because nature is my company.

A sense of serenity consumes me,
And for a few moments,
The world is at peace.

I walk through the unthreatening darkness to my home,
And begin to record this exceptional instance.
As I write,
I ask myself:
“Why was the moon hiding on a night like this?”

By Becca Couzens