Collage by Beth Hoeckel.

5 Days a Week Paper Mouse Pad
I don’t know about you, but I can have some serious issues with time management. I will often write due dates on stickies that I sadly end up misplacing, or have too much self-trust that my “mental note” is enough. At the beginning of high school, I bought this cute li’l Knock Knock planner, and I find it really helpful for organizing especially busy weeks. The pad has 60 sheets, so if you use it all the time it’ll last just over a year. I’ve been relying on mine off and on for the past five years and haven’t yet had to invest in a new one. If you have trouble organizing school, work, and hobbies, I’d recommend picking up one of these. ($10, Knock Knock) —Rachel Davies

Instinct to Ruin by L Mathis
I’ve followed poet L Mathis on Instagram for quite a while now and have been set afire by their intentions to bring forth hope at this time in history. I feel (and don’t feel) vicariously through their artworks, which they sometimes post as previews on Instagram. I was thrilled to find out about the release of their second book, Instinct to Ruin, last month. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive in the mail, but you have my word when I say it’s the book you need when, at the end of a long day, all you yearn for is softness, of anything and everything. ($14, Amazon) —Kiana Flores

MegaLast Lip Color
This MegaLast Lip Color lipstick by Wet N Wild is so easy to slick onto your lips to add some oomph. The color range includes a plethora of shades such as a sandy beige called Sand Storm and a bright persimmon named Purty Persimmon. My favorite in the line right now is Vamp It Up, a deep plum. ($2, Wet N Wild) —Ogechi Egonu ♦