Collage and illustrations by Maria Ines Gul.

I first heard about Quinta Brunson when her video series, The Girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date, went viral. Since then, the 27-year-old Philadelphia-raised comedian and actress has been making waves in Los Angeles. Brunson is a video content creator for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. At BuzzFeed, you may have seen her Milly Rock on any block or sample the latest beauty products. Her latest project is Up for Adoption. Set in a pet adoption store, the The Office–esque web series is available on Verizon’s go90 platform. I spoke to Quinta last month about five things that bring her joy.

1. Universal Studios. I go there at least once a month—sometimes twice a month. I have a season pass. It’s definitely my happy place. I love movies, and I love the rides, and I think it’s rich with history. I go there to enjoy myself.

2. Yogurt. Yogurt that I freeze myself, not frozen yogurt. I go to the store and I freeze [the containers] myself. And it’s a bit of a risk because I like to get them out of there before they get freezer burn. I use Trader Joe’s vanilla yogurt—it’s so bomb.

3.My baby nephew. He brings me a lot of joy. He just turned one, and I love looking at photos of him. I like being an aunt.

4. My apartment. I finally got it how I want it to be, and I love spending time there. It’s cozy. I have it organized just the way I want it. It perfectly fits my clothes, and my TV, and all of my friends.

5. A good sound system. I just got a new sound system put in my apartment. I don’t know what I did before. I’ve been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean, Noname, and Stevie Wonder. I also play my movies through there and having surround sound is really nice. ♦