I’m finally on Easter break! However, I feel like I don’t deserve a break because I missed so many days of school. I’m ready to relax, though, and to do all of the things that school doesn’t allow me to—because it takes up so much time—like reading, watching movies, listening to my CDs, and watching episodes of Malcolm in the Middle. I keep listening to “Party” by Beyoncé, feeling happy that time is moving me closer and closer to the summer.

I went shopping with my sister and a lot of weird things happened. A group of boys on the bus made fun of my outfit; I felt like everyone in the shopping centre was staring at me; a little boy had his underwear down in the middle of the shopping mall and was holding his private parts and staring into the distance (everyone standing around him looked traumatized, including me); and on the bus home, two drunk men, who must’ve gotten sick, were on the bus, making it smell really bad. But a few good things happened, too. A lady complimented my outfit. A fellow shopper burped and when I turned around, he said, “Pardon me.” I told him, “Don’t worry, it’s natural” and we laughed together for a while.

I guess the universe sends good and bad experiences, to keep everything balanced. I’m cool with that, but I hope I don’t see anymore naked little boys. ♦