Break out your coloring utensils and set your clock back 500 million years, to a time when cephalopods ruled the seas and giant scorpions scuttled about on the ocean floor—we’ve got Paleozoic coloring pages for you! Whether you’re stressed about an impending apocalypse in your personal life, or dreading one of planetary proportions, you can find temporary respite in this week’s printable. (Just try not to think about how all of these cute li’l sea creatures eventually turned into skeletons that were buried under layers of mud and sand that were heated and compressed for hundreds of millions of years only to be extracted and burned into the very fossil fuels that are contributing to the destruction and acidification of our oceans.) The circle of life is so beautiful, and now your walls can be too!

Download the first page here:

And the second page here:

Now let time float away. ♦