Collage by Beth Hoeckel.

Expired Film
Do you or your parents have an old 35 millimeter film camera? It’s the perfect tool for creating the color-soaked photos of your dreeeeeams. Fuji Velvia 50 film is 36 exposure, 35 millimeter film (perfect for those old cameras!), and you can buy expired rolls for mad cheap. Expired film often yields unpredictably gorgeous color washes and gradients, so you can shoot away and be pleasantly surprised when your photos come out looking like rainbow-scapes. ($8, Lomography) —Savana Ogburn

Amethyst Crystal Slime
The apocalypse makes me think about bright dystopian purples and metallics. This slime looks exactly how I imagine the view of Earth will appear from space after our planet reaches its final day. Playing with slime is a tactile way to de-stress; if that isn’t your thing, it still looks pretty as decoration for your desk. ($9, Etsy) —Diamond Sharp

Tupac Shakur sticker
Whenever I hear the word apocalypse, Tupac’s iconic album 2Pacalypse Now comes to mind. As a huge fan of ’90s hip hop, I love collecting all sorts of Tupac, Death Row Records, and West Coast rapper gear. If you’re also obsessed with old-school hip hop, this super cute Tupac sticker could adorn your phone, laptop, or notebook. ($2.50, Redbubble) —Ugochi Egonu ♦