Greetings, earthlings.

I don’t often worry about an apocalypse in the worldly sense, but apocalypses of the personal variety are sometimes dealt with on a daily basis. This intergalactic makeup trick is for whenever it seems that the only good place is outer space.

What you’ll need:

  • Optional: Face primer
  • Optional: Foundation or BB cream
  • Highlighter
  • A silver liquid eyeliner
  • A light blue liquid eyeliner
  • Silver eye shadow
  • Optional: A shiny moisturizer or face gloss (I used this one by MAKE.)
  • Blue lip gloss (or gloss in another spacey color)

How to do it:

Step One

Start with a clean face. If you want, apply primer all over. Be sure that the primer is completely dry before applying foundation or BB cream, if you decide to use it.

Step Two

Sweep highlighter across your cheekbones. Add just a hint below your eyebrows and on your brow bones. Don’t take blending too seriously here; pat the highlighter lightly with your fingertips or a face brush to maintain shimmer.

Step Three

Line your upper lash lines with silver eyeliner, like you woke up with glittery flecks on your eyes. Give it a minute to settle.

Step Four

Use the blue liner to trace your upper lash lines, starting from the center of your eyes and moving outward. You could make this second stroke match the width of the silver stroke until you flare it at the ends of your eyes, if you want, but that’s totally optional. This is the galaxy we’re talking about. You can chart your own eyeliner territory.

Step Five

Using a pinky finger or small eyeshadow brush, dab silver eye shadow on the inside corners of your eyes, moving down toward the sockets rather than up toward the lid. Make sure the shimmer is concentrated in the very corners of your eyes and then fades lightly downward. The contrast in directions between the eyeliner (up) and the eyeshadow (down) will draw even more attention to your eyes.

Step Six (Optional)

With your finger(s), gently pat a small amount of shiny moisturizer or face gloss on the peaks of your cheekbones. You could also dab some high on your eyelids—just be careful to not smear the eyeliner! Blend lightly. You’re aiming for a glossy effect rather than wet streaks on your face :)

Step Seven

Layer on lip gloss in blue or another a shade as fit for intergalactic communication with extraterrestrial life.

Prepare to make contact. ♦