Doodles by Hattie Stewart. Jewels by Beth Hoeckel.

Hi, hi! We have an exciting announcement: Rookie is teaming up with MTV to launch the first season of the Rookie Podcast, premiering on April 4!!! Each week, I’ll interview people we admire—including musicians, actors, and artists of all kinds—about what it means to be a person. Episodes will also feature audio editions of Ask a Grown (as always, with questions from Rookie readers and listeners like yourself), Life Skills, pop culture recommendations, and work by Rooks from around the world. It’s going to be the best! I seriously cannot wait for you to hear everything we’ve been working on. New episodes will be released on Tuesdays via iTunes and the Panoply platform. Subscribe to the podcast and listen to a preview here!

P.S. Throughout the season, we’ll be asking you to send us voice memos. If you want to send us messages now, email your voice memos to [email protected]! HOORAY! ♦