leo1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is spelunking. Seriously! Lady Luna is in your ninth house of adventure, so you’re being called to go on a quest as wild and exciting as cave diving. Or dig around in your consciousness a little bit. The first thing you find on your journey is your new moon message.

Dylan’s advice: You might be thinking, What kind of adventures can I have on a Monday, anyway? That’s the beauty of the ninth house—the possibilities for exploration are infinite. They can come from hitting the road or hitting the books. Head to a big park after school, or do some neighborhood exploring with your friends. Or just spend the evening at the library looking through the cool, big hardcovers they don’t let you check out or take home. Get SPELUNKY. Bury yourself in an adventure and come out of the cave with a transformative experience under your belt.