cancer1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is glamour. Lady Luna is in your 10th house of reputation, so you’re being called to enchant. The way you feel once the spell is cast is your new moon message.

Dylan’s advice: This is an urgent BABE ALERT for all Cancerians! People say that natural daylight is best for pics, but you have the soft and flattering glow of new-moon light boosting your cosmic complexion. So take some selfies about it! You might, you know, just take a bunch of different pics with different colors of lipstick on, and then swap out shirts and jewelry so that you’ll have a bunch of evergreen selfie content that doesn’t look like it was all taken on the same day. What’s wrong with a string of confidence-boosting pics of yourself to post for weeks to come? It’s your secret. But also, who cares. Moral of the story: You’re beaming even harder than usual. Don’t be shy, my guy.