taurus1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is imagine. Lady Luna is in your 12th house of dreams, so you’re being called to let your mind wander and explore totally new possibilities. Pay attention to passing ideas that have a surreal quality to them. That’s your new moon message.

Dylan’s advice: As a grounded earth sign, use this new moon as an opportunity to pause your realistic thinking. Activity is happening in the land of your subconscious, so follow the action to your dreamiest mind-state! Dedicate a moment to step away from your routine and make space for a space-out. Instead of having lunch at your regular table, sit outside alone with headphones on. Instead of taking the bus home, take a walk only with your thoughts. If your schedule is packed, make a concentrated effort to put away your phone or other distractions during dull moments. Watch for what starts to float across your mind.