aquarius1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is rebel. Lady Luna is in your third house of self-expression, so you’re being called to do what your sign does best and stand out from the crowd. Your new moon message: Be as weird as you want. People will love you for it.

Dylan’s advice: If your freak flag has been at half-mast, it’s time to pull it back up and let it fly. Get together with the friends or siblings you know you can get wacky and hyper and nonsensical with. Send weird snaps to the folks you know will laugh. Go on a research binge of your favorite bizarre subject. Start a weird-ass meme account, while you’re at it! Shed whatever cold-weather armor protected you from winter. Then let yourself crawl into the warmth of spring with your tongue all flopping around like the freaky lizard you are.