Illustrations by Esme Blegvad.

Happy Aries new moon, friends! New moons always signal new beginnings, but this one happens to have even more manifesting power backing it up. The Aries new moon comes on the heels of the spring equinox for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, marking the official start of springtime. Aries is also the first sign of the zodiac, and this moon lands early in Aries season, so there’s a lot of freshness in the air!

So how do you ring in the astrological new year? Given that the new moon is also right on top of Venus retrograde, it’s also great timing for a refresh. Whenever a planet is retrograde, its energy turns inward and takes on a more spiritual quality. This isn’t your average makeover—instead, tend to yourself from the inside out. Taken literally, you could start exercising more, drinking more water, and sleeping more. Or you could write down daily affirmations to remind yourself of how incredible you really are. More than anything, Aries represents confidence. This sign fights for what it believes in and doesn’t back down from a challenge. Under this moon, channel some of Aries’s fearless spirit. It’s going to be helpful, I promise. You’ll see in this month’s horoscopes…

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