Mistakes magically disappear!

For nail polish newbies like me, attempting to do nail art usually leads to a lot of frustration. Painting nails takes patience and (some) art skillz. What’s a nail-art clueless person to do? Here’s a tutorial to turn your nails into mobile chalkboards. You can switch designs without stress or mess! If you make a mistake, all you have to do is erase and redo it. No fuss at all, and any messiness will only make your nails look edgier.

What you’ll need:

  • Matte or glossy nail polish (in the color of your choice, but darker colors will make chalk show up better)
  • A bottle of matte top coat (if you use glossy nail polish)
  • Chalk pens or regular chalk in various colors

How to do it:

Step One

Paint your nails with the nail polish. One coat is OK ’cause you’ll be covering it with a top coat. Wait 30 minutes for it to dry.

Step Two

When the first coat is completely dry, take the matte top coat and paint over the first coat of polish. Let it dry for 10 minutes.

Step Three

Once the top coat is dry, take a chalk pen and draw or write a design onto each nail. It can be anything—a statement about something you believe in, or a bunch of random emojis. It’ll help if you plan your design out, or think of what word to write, beforehand. (You’ve gotta make sure the words fit on your nails.) And that’s it! You can switch the design every so often by erasing the old one. Just take a damp cloth and wipe it over the chalk. Clean slate! ♦