And without my realizing it
The fire turned to ashes
And all the worries came back
To their place of origin
Goodbye, compulsive crying, exacerbated worry
Because again concerns not a bit “noble”
They took my thinking entirely
Everything that before seemed intense and infinite
Resigned in pastel shades
And when I retrieve a memory of you
It’s like changing a place, furniture.

Feelings and intentions never die
They just grow old and change
In another kind of affection
In a new and better, improved way of loving
But love will not serve him
As a guarantee of a good future
And happiness is an unstable state of mind
Totally different from sadness
That allows you to rethink your choices
Pleasant things are ephemeral.
You cannot store them in pots
Or in the bottom of your drawer
They are sparse and have a life of their own
And never settle anywhere, even if you want.

I’m absolving you of any guilt
I think too much and not uncommon.
I even forget that almost everything
Remains unfinished in the imagination
And after months of superhuman efforts
And self-analyzing from the feet to the first chromosome…
I grant you your freedom
All the bullshit and confusion
Received amnesty
Anyway, now you can go.

By Mariana S.-F., 24, São Paulo, Brazil