Collage by Beth Hoeckel.

Holy Sponge’s Our Lady of Mercy Antispasmodic Cramp Balm
Does anybody else have a cranky uterus? Between my anxiety about the Trump administration’s attacks on reproductive rights and my ongoing autoimmune issues, my period has become quite the sadist. If you’re a bleeder who dreads the onset of achy, uncomfortable cramps, Holy Sponge’s Our Lady of Mercy Antispasmodic Cramp Balm will ease your pain and make you smell like a lush garden. Throughout my cycle, I rub the creamy mix of shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and healing herbs (including motherwort, cramp bark, raspberry leaf, ginger, and rosehips) on my abdomen for quick tranquility and relief. Try it and you’ll marvel at nature’s magic. ($10, Etsy) —Jamia Wilson

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
The waters of my intuitive well have sort of dried up. At university, we’re asked to think and not trust intuition, especially when writing objective academic papers. Can a girl live? I knew I had to get this tarot deck when the great gods of Amazon recommendations sent it my way. It’s a smaller version of the original Rider-Waite deck, and if the heavens have not pointed me to destiny enough, tarot reader Louise Androlia recommended this when I asked her on Instagram for a good beginner deck. ($14.50, Amazon) —Kiana Flores

Knock Knock Dream Journal
When I’m going through something, it’s often reflected in my dreams. An internal conflict or an argument with a friend can manifest itself in nightmares. Writing my dreams down and keeping them all in one place helps me better dissect what transpired. Some believe symbolism can help assess the true meanings and layers of a dream, and a dream journal is a great tool for doing that. I like this one because it has specific sections to organize exactly what happened when I was in slumberland. ($15, Knock Knock) —Tayler Montague ♦