Love to love you.

I wanted to do a makeup look to symbolize the amount of love that I’ve exchanged during this year of my life! The love I’ve felt from my girlfriends, through online communities, and seeing women organize has filled my heart enough to represent it on my cheeks. And since I can’t turn red and blush, this is the next best thing! This can also act as cosplay for the Instagram Live “floating hearts” feature. With that in mind, let’s get started on this simple and thrifty look!

Step One:

I start off with a clean base, meaning greasy lids and a full face, as usual!

Step Two:

Grab a red lip liner or red lipstick with a thin angled makeup brush

Step Three:

I recommend using sharp lines to outline your tiny hearts and filling them in as to keep all of your color inside the heart!

Step Four:

You can make tiny hearts by creating a Y-shape with the angled brush or lip liner.

Step Five:

Repeat and recreate the hearts in different shapes and sizes wherever you like. I opted for all over!

Enjoy, mes amours! ♦