A handy, dandy top.

Every night I went out during a trip to Miami, I met the toughest, most vibrant girls—all wearing long-sleeved fishnet tops. The unique thing about this look is that you can embrace warm, humid weather in it, or withstand the cold by layering over it. I’ve also learned that it is easily recreated for next to nothing. I grabbed a pair of fishnet tights and got to cutting, and out came this staple piece. Whether you layer it over another shirt or under your favorite T, this DIY fishnet top will come in handy!

What you’ll need:

  • Fishnet tights
  • Scissors

How to do it:

Step One

Lay your fishnets flat on any cutting surface.

Step Two

Cut the tiniest snip in the center seam. The smaller, the better! You can push your big head through that small hole, but if you cut too much, the top will fall off your shoulders. (If that’s the look you want, though, go for it!)

You should have this so far:

Step Three

Cut the feet off the tights. This is another case of less is more! The diamond-shaped elastic will stretch out over your body, and you can always go back and cut more if you want shorter sleeves.

Now push your head through the hole in the center seam and your arms through the holes in the legs. Done and done! ♦