So many coloooooors!!!

Funky eyebrows easily have been my favorite part of the brow craze of the past few years. I’ve stuck glitter, rhinestones, and just about everything sparkly onto my brows and had tons of fun doing it. But lately, I’ve been into colorful eyebrows (and so have a bunch of makeup artists, apparently!) that I can switch up on the daily. I’m by no means a makeup expert, so this trick is great for newbies and die-hard brow enthusiasts alike!

What you’ll need:

How to do it:

Step One

I like to start out with a relatively makeup-free face, meaning I’ll do my skincare routine and nothing else. I like to build the whole look around my technicolor brows. Go ahead and fluff up those brows with a spoolie or eyebrow brush! If your brows are sparse, fill them in (lightly!) as you normally might.

Step Two

Lightly brush the white lash primer over your brows, just like you would with any brow gel. Build it up until you have a medium coating. Meaning: don’t overdo it! Your brows should NOT be solid white. A few light swipes should do the trick!

Step Three

Now the fun part: choosing which colors to use! To get an ombre effect, you’ll need at least one light, one medium, and one dark shade. I chose to use orange on the inner brow (the end closest to my nose), pink and purple in the middle, and dark purple on the tail.

Step Four

With your eyeshadow brush, brush the lightest color onto your inner eyebrow. Try to only brush the hairs, and to avoid getting the shadow onto your skin! This will cause it to look smudged. (But you can use a wet cotton swab to remove color from your skin, if need be!) Build up the color until you’re happy with it, and then move on to the next color. Leave a little bit of overlap between the colors. This helps each one fade into the next. Repeat for each of the eyeshadows you want to use!

Step Five

Boom! You have rainbow brows! Now for the rest of the look. Depending on your mood, you may opt to do an equally colorful and funky eyeshadow look, or you may want something simpler. My makeup-goddess roommate advised that I stick with a nude shadow and black winged eyeliner to finish off the look and give my eyes some depth. I gladly took her advice. It’s all up to you, though! The sky’s the limit, rainbow queen. ♦